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Watch live rugby online with p2p4u and get a free cookie! No wait, cookie is something you get if you join the Dark Side, here you get a kick in your butthole from one of the most famous rugby players. Neat, right?

Brief history of rugby: There was a guy named John. One day he came home from work and there he saw his favourite RUG rolled BY the fireplace and next to it there was a thief who was trying to break into a safe hidden under that rug. John got off the ground and kicked the thief right under his chin. Guy flew almost one hundred yards.

John changed his name to Jonny Wilkinson and that's how rugby was developed. If you think this story is too outrageous, you should check the handball section of p2p4u.

Best sport streams on this lazy planet (where everyone wants to watch sports but noobody actually sports).